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Who is Mamferella?

Mamferella designs creative, bespoke home furnishings. My approach is that every home should be different, and that every item of home furnishing I produce should be different too. I also like to help my customers have furnishings that match the rest of their home, so that the energy and feel of your home is enhanced by the items I create for you. Whether your design is for a pillowcase or a tea towel, you will find your bedroom, kitchen, living room or bathroom of your home enhanced by a Mamferella item.

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Interior Consultations

When it comes to the design of my textile products, the majority takes place after consulting with potential customers, who I consult with via Zoom or sometimes over the phone, to get an idea for the kind of designs that would suit them and their home. If you would like to order a bespoke item, personal to you and your home interior,

contact me on 07749 388 338, or email

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Meet Samantha...

Passionate about bespoke home furnishings and items

I have always been interested in art and textiles from a young age. My Nana used to sew and I was always painting or colouring in when I was a child. I grew up to study for a Degree in Textile Design, and while studying I focused on home furnishing design, which is what I have a passion for.


The Beginnings of Mamferella

My idea grew from seeing how many home furnishings either didn't really match the interior of a room, or were very generic and uninspiring. My vision for home furnishings is that they should either suit the home they are situated in, or be unique and eye catching items in their own right. The uniqueness is the most important thing – the design you order is never used for any other customer, ever, so it will only be found in your home and nowhere else.