How it works – order your custom textile design in 6 steps


Bespoke Textile Design  in  Bedfordshire

Choose a design from the gallery or create your own. You can upload your own image if you want your unique design.

Choose the item you would like to have the custom textile design printed on.


Open the contact form, fill in your details, and indicate your design and what you would like it printed on.

Order form

Pick a colour, or state the one you want to match your own colour scheme using the drop downs on the contact form. 

I will call you back to confirm your order and purchase, and if you have selected one of my designs, I will remove it from my portfolio, so it remains unique to you!

I will then do the rest, printing the items and organising delivery. All you have to do is wait.




Let me help you create your own designs

Collaborate and consult with me, Samantha, and I will create the bespoke fabric home furnishing item you have in mind.

Click here to make a start.

Order form


Contact Samantha on 07749 388 338, or email, to have beautiful textiles designed and printed for your furnishing.