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Are you looking for a home furnishing item that would be completely unique to your home?

Mamferella designs creative, bespoke home furnishings in Bedfordshire. You can order cushions, curtains, duvet covers, lampshades, carpets, artwork, cot quilts, pillowcases, placemats, tablecloths, towels, tea towels, oven gloves, table runners, napkins, and fabric coasters, each printed with a design selected from the gallery or supplied by you. No designs are used more than once for one customer, and this makes each item completely unique and personal to you and your home interior.

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Handmade Pillow Cases

Unique Textile Designs For Your Bespoke Home Furnishings

Pick a design from the gallery, let me know which of the bespoke home furnishings in Bedfordshire that you want the design printed onto, and I shall then create the item and remove it from the design gallery. This gives you sole ownership of that one bespoke item – only you will ever have a home furnishing item with that specific design. Whether the item is a tablecloth or a cushion or a duvet cover, I will produce your unique furnishing, and arrange it to be delivered to your home quickly and in perfect condition.

Discover more of our Bespoke home furnishings in Bedfordshire here.

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Handmade table placemats

Handmade Collection

We have a great range of patchwork quilts, placemats, coasters and much more available in our handmade collection. You can find a range of unique textile designs for your home where bespoke furnishing design is appreciated.

Buy an existing piece or commission something unique.



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How it works

Work out which design you like and get in touch

Choose A Design

Collaborate and consult with our designer

Over Zoom, telephone or email.

 Quotation and order

Once we have decided together what design and items you would like I will draw up a quote.  You can then order your items and I shall create them for you.

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Completely Bespoke Home Furnishing Items

 For each order, the design that is used is only used for that one order, so it is completely unique to you.

I match the design to your colour schemes

If you can describe your home interior, or better still send images of your current home interior, I can then match the design to your home.

Interior Design Consultations

These can take place by telephone or over Zoom, any time during evenings and weekends, to gain an idea of what would suit your interior.

Unique Designs

 I can design beautiful and unique designs suitable for your home furnishing item, and customised to your home interior.







Who is Mamferella?

Mamferella designs creative, bespoke home furnishings in Bedfordshire. My approach is that every home should be different, and that every item of home furnishing I produce should be different too. I also like to help my customers have furnishings that match the rest of their home, so that the energy and feel of your home is enhanced by the items I create for you. Whether your design is for a pillowcase or a tea towel, you will find your bedroom, kitchen, living room or bathroom of your home enhanced by a Mamferella item.

Find out more about my work on the page about my creative home textiles in Bedfordshire.

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